Assistant Learning Buddy
Assistant Learning Buddy
General Information
Creator Morgan Le Fay

The Assistant Learning Buddy is a wish fulfillment spell disguised as a brain training app which was created by Morgan Le Fay.

How it worksEdit

The ALB distracts the user with a test while having them focus on the specific goal. Once the player has moved up to the next level they have unknowingly performed witchcraft. The app amplifies any wish even a semi-conscious one making it so.

The rule of three amplifies the wish fulfillment spell for good or bad which means that any malicious intent you do onto others will be visited back upon you threefold.


  • If exactly 27 people use the app at the same time, its power will increase dramatically. This happens because 27 is three to the power of three (3 x 3 x 3).
  • Ukrainian programmers built the actual app and Morgan Le Fay inserted the wish fulfillment spell.

Appearances Edit