Flynn holding Bathsheba's Oil of Healing
Bathsheba's Oil of Healing
General Information
Owner Bathsheba
Users Flynn Carsen
Function can heal an ordinary wound
Location The Library

Bathsheba's Oil of Healing is a powerful healing elixir kept in a hollowed out book in the Library.


It was used to save Eve Baird's life after she was fatally wounded by Dulaque near the end of Season 1. It was also used by Flynn Carson to slow his bleeding after being wounded by Excalibur.


Miraculous Healing: It can cure every disease known to man, as well as instantly heal a normal wound, no matter how bad;

Life Extension: It is said that whoever drinks enough of the Oil will become immortal. The exact dose is unknown.


It cannot fully heal wounds made by a powerful enough magical artifact, such as Excalibur, but will be able to keep the drinker alive.