The Conclave being held in the Annex

Conclave in the annex

is a gathering of creatures assumed to be immortal for arbitration in their needs between each other.


Business Attended ToEdit

  • Motion to allow lupin membership for both the Guild of Fictional Entities and the World Crime League
    • Provisional Basis
    • Adopted by majority vote
  • Call for a vote to remove the librarians as arbiters of the conclave.
  • Point of Order: Jenkins - Reading of the minutes of the previous conclave
    • Yalta Resolution of 1123
    • 2nd amendment of the Wold Newton bylaws. (Section C, Paragraph 9)
      • Due to the inadvertent transition from intersession to Conclave by the arbiter.
    • Stored in the annex Section F, shelf 23.
    • Previous business included motion to accept cellular phone technology as a formal branch of wizardry.

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