Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray
General Information
Full name Dorian Gray
Alias(es) DG Trust
Occupation Club owner
Status Deceased
First appearance ... And the Image of Image

Dorian Gray was an immortal who owned Club Effigy.


In the 1800s, Dorian Gray was Oscar Wilde’s lover. He was very heavily involved in magic and had a narcissistic personality. Dorian had commissioned a portrait of himself and bound his soul to it meaning that every eccess he committed transferred to the painting. He inspired Oscar Wilde to write The Picture of Dorian Gray which was really a cautionary tale about using magic.

In modern times Dorian Gray owned club effigy and an art gallery under the alias DG Trust. He used the art gallery to hide his original portrait. At club effigy he found a way to make a photo mosaic portrait out of pictures of the club patrons. The hundreds of people who attended his club ended up absorbing his sins. The price for Dorian’s immortality is that he was unable to feel.

Real Life CounterpartEdit

Dorian Gray is the main character of Oscar Wilde's book The Picture of Dorian GrayHe was a rich and extremely beautiful young man, who, depressed with his own mortality, sold his soul in exchange for eternal life and youth. Like his in-universe counterpart, Dorian's sins were transferred into a magical painting, which became more and more hideous every time its owner made something amoral.


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