Dorian Gray Portrait 2
Dorian Gray’s Original Portrait
General Information
Creator Basil Hallward
Owner Dorian Gray
Users Dorian Gray
Function Absorbs excess and sin
Location DG trust's art gallery (formerly)

Dorian Gray’s Original Portrait was a portrait that Dorian Gray had commissioned in the 1800s so that he could magically bind his soul to the painting.


Every excess and sin that Dorian committed was transferred to the painting gaining him immortality no matter what his action. This portrait with the inspiration for Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray which is really a cautionary tale about using magic. By the 21st century Dorian Gray had started to use a new mosaic portrait but had kept the original in in art gallery a few blocks away from Club Effigy. Jacob Stone and Ezekiel Jones destroyed the portrait in an attempt to stop Dorian Gray.