Eye of Ra
The Eye of Ra is an Ancient Egyptian artifact currently found at The Library.


The Eye was stored in the library of Alexandria until the latter was burned.

It was then moved to the British Museum, from where it was 'reassigned' by Teddy Chislington and stored in the Looking Glass Rabbit Hole in the Bermuda Triangle, until Flynn Carsen retrieved the eye and brought it to the Library. Teddy Chislington took it with him into the Triangle for fear that its power would be abused or would corrupt the Librarian who attempted to use it. He only relinquished it to Flynn after the latter proved himself worthy, and willing to make the requisite sacrifice.


When placed on the forehead of a human being, the Eye absorbs all of Pure Evil into itself. However, this also drains the life of whoever was used to empower the Eye.

Real Life CounterpartEdit

Ra, the Egyptian god of the Sun, had two eyes: the Sun and the Moon themselves.The solar eye ("Eye of Ra ") represents Ra's destructive side, the heat of the Sun, as well his power to vanquish evil beings, such as the mythological Apep.


  • The Eye is meant to be used only during the ultimate battle between Good and Evil, as a last resort.
  • In order for the Eye's to be activated, a person, chosen by its user, then has to die.
  • It is one of the few things that could rival Apep in power (both in-universe and in mythology).