A Guardian is an elite bodyguard, chosen by The Library itself, assigned to protect Librarians during missions.

Required AbilitiesEdit

Combat Skills: Guardians are highly skilled in tactics, surviving extreme situations and combat.

Self-control: Guardians are there to protect not merely the Librarian's health but also their sanity, serving as a voice of reason when needed.

Loyalty: The Guardian must be willing to sacrifice him or herself if the Librarian is in mortal danger


Current GuardiansEdit

Fomer GuardiansEdit

  • Charlene (Judson's guardian,first guardian)
  • Nicole Noone (Flynn Carsen's first guardian; fate unknown)
  • Lamia (Cassandra's guardian in alternate timeline)


  • Since the guardian is responsible for protecting the LibrarianThe Library" itself protects the Guardian.

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