H.g. wells time machine
H.G. Wells' Time Machine is an artifact that was once in the Library.


The Time Machine was stolen by a group known as the Scorpion League after the events of The Librarian: Quest for the Spear. When Nicole Noone and Flynn Carsen went to recover it, they were attacked by a group of ninjas. Flynn, thinking this to be the best idea, rigged the Time Machine to explode hoping to get Nicole out of there in time. Nicole was caught in the blast and sent 500 years into the past. The Time Machine is assumed to have been destroyed in the blast.

In "The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice", H.G. Wells' Time Machine appears to be repaired and moved into the Library's Large Collections Annex.

It is also brought up in "... And the Hidden Sanctuary", when Cassandra Cillian picks up the novel and explains that it's just a wonderful story, not the blueprint of reality.


It enables its user to travel to the past or to the future.

Real Life CounterpartEdit

Sci-fi writer H.G. Wells once wrote a book called The Time Machine. In this universe, an unnamed scientist manages to travel, albeit by accident, to a time where humanity lacks both curiosity and technology.


  •  the Library has a policy against time travel (it can damaging reality itself), H.G Wells' machine was probably dismantled beyond use. It should have been stored in Library's Time Machine room with the other dismantled time machine.