Jamie Heyer is the daughter of Sheriff Heyer and a resident of Bremen.


After falling asleep at the Bremen Library during story hour, Jamie fell sick and was taken to Bremen General Hospital. She later met Ezekiel Jones when he came into her hospital room following a coin. After talking with him, the charming rogue taught Jamie how to sneak desserts by picking the lock of the snack cabinet. She was eventually saved by Ezekiel, when he caught Mr. McGuire draining the life out of her by reading the Libris Fabula. After stopping Mr. McGuire, Jamie was awakened by Ezekiel, and told to read her own version of the story, saving the other Librarians from the danger they were in. She reappeared in town with Ezekiel to her father's surprise, perfectly healthy.[1]


The LibrariansEdit

Season 1Edit


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