Lady Sililandria smiling at DuLaque
Lady Sililandria
General Information
Affiliation Fae Legion
Status Alive
First appearance And the Apple of Discord
Portrayed by Naia Schroder

Lady Sililandria is the representative of the Fae Legion.


Attending the ConclaveEdit

Lady Sililandria attended a Conclave because the Fei Lung were angered by the stealing of one of their pearls. When DuLaque arrived, he requested to be recognized, though was declined by Ezekiel Jones. Sililandria however, recognized him as DuLaque Son of Ban.[1]


The LibrariansEdit

Season 1Edit


  • Flynn Carsen while under the influence of The Apple of Discord suggested that Sililandria deals with self-image issues by throwing herself at the opposite sex.


  1. Guyot, Paul , Thorne, Geoffrey (writer) & Roskin, Marc (director) (December 28, 2014). "And the Apple of Discord". The Librarians. Season 1. Episode 5. TNT.

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