Mr. McGuire reading the book
Libris Fabula
General Information
Users Mr. McGuire
Jamie Heyer
Function Reality warping story book
Location The Annex

The Libris Fabula is a magical story book.[1]


When read aloud to an audience, it can be used to:

Alter Reality: Things written in the Libris Fabula will become real. Restrictions, if any, are unknown;

Sap Lifeforce: The Libris will slowly drain the life and youth of whoever person it has been read to, and transfer those qualities to the reader;

Open portals: If used in conjunction with the Back Door (and presumably other portal-creating machines) the Libris will be able to open portals to almost anywhere, including the unbound Library (see Anchor Chain) or the Loom of Fate.

Side EffectsEdit

The Libris Fabula will turn nearby people into fairytale characters over time, meaning that they will obtain the powers of said character, as well as its behavior, clothing and at least in part its appearance.

In "And the Fables of Doom", each one of The Librarians was turned into a fairytale archetype:

  • Cassandra (Prince Charming) made nearby women fall in love with, and obey, her. She also wore prince clothes;
  • Jacob (The Hunter) became a skilled hunter, and was given an axe;
  • Ezekiel (The Rogue) became an even better thief and focus of indescribable luck for a while;
  • Eve (The Princess) was able to attract birds. Her hair also grew longer.

Known usersEdit


The LibrariansEdit

Season 1Edit


  • Libris Fabula is the Latin expression for "Book of Fables";
  • It is probably one of the most powerful Artifacts housed in the Library



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