Looking Glass Rabbit Hole
Looking Glass Rabbit Hole
General Information

The Looking Glass Rabbit Hole was a Lewis Carroll inspired extra-dimensional magic safe created by Teddy Chislington  in 1886.


Former Librarian Teddy Chislington created the Looking Glass Rabbit Hole on On June 4, 1886 when his ship, the Tibbar was caught in the perfect storm and sunk.

The Hole was designed to protect the Eye of Ra until a Librarian could come and prove that they were pure of heart.

Chislington based the safe on Lewis Carroll's work because the characters seemed the most fun and they served as a reflection that tests the internal challenge people face.The only entrance to the looking glass rabbit hole is a one-way wormhole in the center of the Bermuda triangle which is where the Tibbar sunk in 1886.


  • The Looking Glass Rabbit Hole is protected by a barrier that is able to destroy nearly all matter that pass through it. In order to survive, one must use magic.
  • When inside the Hole, one will be forced to face a challenge based on one's greatest fears. 
  • Every character encountered when inside the hole will look like someone important to the person that fell into it. 
  • Any written text inside the Rabbit Hole will appear as it was in front of a mirror.
  • The Hole can increase a person's lifespan, making it last centuries, until the person feels its purpose there is complete.

Flynn's TrialEdit

Flynn was asked four questions by a Cassandra -like Red Queen, who spoke using rhymes. If he tried to lie or cheat, a Jacob -like a knight would run towards him and would kill him, unless he told the truth in time.

The Questions were:

  • "Teaching is to tend the garden, sowing seeds into a tree, throwing all the cage doors open, letting peoples's minds fly free. Would you say that this describes you? Would your peoples all agree?"
  • "When passion's flare does refuse to burn longer short, do you share the credit, or are you the jealous sort?"
  • "Careful not to let bones break, they are difficult to mend. So I ask you plainly: Are you a caring friend?"
  • "Do you think you are a humble man, or a victim or your own pride?"

Every time a question  was answered, Flynn gained the right to move through a very large chess board, in the way that a Knight would do, until he reached the row closest to the one of the Red Queen.


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