Love Potions are elixirs that create obsession.


Apep planned to load a D.O.S.A. missile with a love potion to make a large portion of the population obsessed with one person which would tip the scales of good and evil.


Anyone who drinks a love potion will be trapped in a zombie-like state, during which they do everything in their power to please the person for which the potion was made. They stop caring for their lives, beliefs, possessions or anything else, devoting themselves unconditionally to said person until the effect wears off. 

The drinker may also say their "beloved"'s name often, also in a zombie-like way.

Overall, Love Potions have the same basic effects as possession except the spirit does not actually take over the body.


In the potion will not work if the subject exposed to it is either completely obsessed with themselves or already in love with the person who is seeking admiration.


  • The secret ingredient of a love potion is tears of the one seeking admiration.
  • Love potions were originally used to create uncontrollable arousal and energy for the battlefield
  • The amount of obsession caused by a Love Potion depends on how much of it a person's body has absorbed. For instance, a bottle full of it will cause the zombie followers to attack each other, as each of them thinks the "beloved" is his or her property.

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