Mabel Collins was an engineer who worked for Tesla in 1915, and who later became a founder and leader in Collin Falls.


in 1915 Tesla tested the Wireless Power Transmitters and the citizens of Wardenclyffe Falls were pushed out of sync with the rest of the universe. During the test, Mabel Collins was in the Wardenclyffe Falls Dam main control room which was insulated. When Mabel started to wink in and out of sync with the universe Tesla anchored her in her body by turning her into a
Human “grounding wire”

Human “Grounding Wire”

human “grounding wire”. The wireless power transmitters also stabilize Mabel Collins so if she were to cross the circuit she would phase out of reality like the rest of the citizens of Wardenclyffe Falls.

In 1953, Mabel became one of the founders of the namesake Collin Falls. Mabel became an active member in the community while leading the attempt to maintain the wireless power transmitters, and preparing to reintegrate the original citizens of Wardenclyffe Falls into our universe.


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