Medusa's head
Medusa's Head
General Information
Location The Library
Medusa's Head is an ancient Greek artifact.


Petrifying Gaze: Whoever looks at Medusa's eyes will be instantly turned into stone

Real Life CounterpartEdit

Medusa was a mythological figure so ugly that its gaze would turn any living creature into stone. Medusa was one of the Gorgons, a race of sentient, winged beings with metallic claws and snakes for hair. All three were once beautiful maidens until the goddess Athena cursed them after Medusa had sex with Poseidon in a temple dedicated to the goddess. Medusa was later killed by the warrior Perseus, who later gave her severed head to Athena; the goddess then bore the image on her armour.


The LibrarianEdit


  • Medusa's Head is one of the most famous artifacts of all time, and a symbol of ancient Greek culture.

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