Mr. Franklin is a senior executive at Golden Axe Food Company.


Mr. Franklin was with Karen Willis when The Librarians came to Golden Axe Food Company looking into the disappearance of eight missing interns. Afterwards he was given the phone by Willis' front desk secretary, Jennie concerning the Tokyo office wanting to confirm shipping prices. He then escorted Jacob Stone, Cassandra Cillian, and Ezekiel Jones to the elevator, giving them directions to the company's human resource office. He later attempted to knock on the door of the ladies' bathroom, having been waiting outside for Eve Baird, he was knocked out by the latter, and his key card stolen. Karen Willis later told Mr. Franklin to expedite the timetable of their sacrificed to the Minotaur. He was last seen in Willis' office with her discussing getting revenge on the Librarians, when the two heard the Minotaur growl, and opened the door to see if he was outside, but were faced with him when they turned around.[1]


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