The Mystery Houses are six magical buildings that are the basis of all stories and legends of haunted houses.


Created and imbued with great magic the Mystery Houses are not fixed to a single location and will move around; following the lay lines. Due to their high level of magic they are sentient creatures; aware of the world around them and possess their own personalities ranging from helpful, mischievous and out right hostile.

Each house possesses a heart; a random object within the house that is the focus point of its magical energy. If the heart is destroyed then the house itself will also be destroyed.


Their are currently Five active mystery houses; the sixth was destroyed by fire in the 1800s. They include:

The House of Refuge- Active .

The Soul Cage- Active .

The Final Rest- Destroyed .

The Shadow Box- Active .

The Ore Dobe - Active .

The Dear or Near House- Active

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