Professor Harris
Professor Harris
General Information
Affiliation Serpent Brotherhood
Status Alive
First appearance The Librarian: Quest for the Spear
Portrayed by Mario Iván Martínez
"You're a professional student, Flynn. You're avoiding life!"
—Professor Harris to Flynn Carsen[src]

Professor Harris is the former college professor of Flynn Carsen. He was later revealed to have been in leagues with the Serpent Brotherhood.


As the former Egyptology Professor of Flynn Carsen, Harris had his class build an exact replica of the Great Pyramid at one twentieth scale, including its missing capstone. When Flynn suggested he be switched over as the head of the translations team, Professor Harris informed him that he had signed off on his degree at the University as he was antisocial, already in possession of twenty two degrees, and needed real life experience. He was later revealed to have had the replica of the Pyramid built to power the Spear of Destiny for Edward Wilde.

When Flynn attempted to go after Edward inside the Great Pyramid with the intentions to stop him, Professor Harris attempted to subdue him, resulting in his nose being broken after being punched by Flynn.[1]


The LibrarianEdit

Quest for the SpearEdit


  1. Titcher, David (writer) & Winther, Peter (director) (December 5, 2004). The Librarian: Quest for the Spear.

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