Prophecy cube
Prophecy Cubes are small, magical cubes with colourful markings on them.


A Prophecy Cube contains glimpses of a possible future that one can have. However, using the Cube will make said future, good or bad, true, unless:

  • Someone that was not present in the glimpses of the prophecy interacts with the afflicted being, changing the future;
  • An even bigger possible future is revealed and set in motion.

Prophecy Cubes can also be used to store people and objects inside them. The only Cube whose inside was seen in-universe had a series of corridors and rooms inside it, some of which had lethal traps.

Real Life CounterpartEdit

Greek Mythology has many stories involving prophecies and the idea of inevitable fate. Pehaps the biggest example is the tale of Oedipus, a young man who was doomed to murder his father and marry his mother.

After learning this, Oedipus's father abandoned his own baby, unknowingly setting in motion the chain of events that would make the prophecy real.


  • The colors of the markings differ from one Cube to another.
  • When a prophecy is broken, the cube that contained it explodes. People inside it are returned to normal and unharmed.
  • The Oracle of Delphi can make Prophecy Cubes through unknown means


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