Prospreo staff
General Information
Full name Prospero
Relative(s) Shakespeare (creator/host)
Occupation Sorcerer
Status Exorcised
First appearance ... And the Drowned Book
Portrayed by Richard Cox

Prospero is a character from Shakespeare's ''The Tempest'' and was the first Fictional.


Prospero first manifested during the rehearsal for Shakespeare's "The Tempest". He attempted to take over the world but was stopped by the Librarians when his book was drowned and staff was broken. He then wandered the earth powerless for centuries until the ley lines reopened giving him enough power to summon Moriarty to aid him in his plans. After fully regaining his power he attempted to gain a new staff from the Tree of Knowledge but was thwarted by Flynn Carsen. Eventually acquired and used Staff of Zarathustra to carry out his master plan. Flynn and Eve went back in time and defeated Prospero in the past and left behind clues that allowed the Librarians to defeat Prospero in the present bring an end to Prospero once and for all.


The LibrariansEdit

Season 2 Edit

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