Queen of Hearts
Queen of Heart
General Information
Full name Queen of Hearts
Occupation Queen
Status defeated
First appearance ... And the Broken Staff

The Queen of Hearts was a fictional summoned by Prospero to stall the Librarians while he searched for a new staff.

The Queen of Hearts was defeated by the Librarians and was sent back to Wonderland. Upon her death, her body turned into a deck of cards

Real Life CounterpartEdit

The Queen of Hearts is the de facto ruler of Wonderland in Alice in Wonderland. She is an extremely short-tempered woman who likes to order the beheading of people that make mistakes, no matter how small. Her catchphrase is: "Off with his/her head!"


  • Like her counterpart, she likes to behead people.
  • The way she died (turning into cards) is similar to the end of the book she was summoned from.


The LibrariansEdit

Season 2 Edit

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