Sergei Kubichek is the former Security Minister of the Russian Federation who resigned because he was unpleased with the current Russian government.Kubichek planned on using the Judas Chalice to create an undead army to restore Russia to its former glory. He was betrayed by Dracula and briefly turned into a vampire before his demise.


Early lifeEdit

At some point, Kubichek was a KGB agent.When the Soviet Union fell Kubichek remained an influential figure in Russian politics eventually becoming the Security Minister of the Russian Federation.During his tenure as Security Minister Kubicek became disillusioned with the new Russian government and longed for the glory days of the Soviet Union.

Judas chaliceEdit

Kubichek recovered what was believed to be Dracula’s corpse and planned to find and use the Judas Chalice to revive Dracula and create an army of undead soldiers to restore Russia to its former glory. He enlisted Professor Amil Lazlo to help him find the chalice but Lazlo turned out to be Dracula in disguise.During his quest for the chalice he competed with the librarian Flynn Carsen to recover the chalice.Briefly after Flynn Carsen and Simone Renoir the chalice Kubicek stole it from them and left them for death. After Dracula drank from the Judas chalice and gained new found strength he bit Kubichek turning him into a vampire. Shortly after Kubichek's transformation, his subordinate Ivan blew him up with a grenade in a murder-suicide in an attempt to atone for his sins.


The LibrarianEdit