Shakespeare's The Tempest
Shakespeare's The Tempest
General Information
Creator William Shakespeare
Users Shakespeare
Flynn Carsen
Location The Library

Shakespeare's "The Tempest" was a famous play written by William Shakespeare .


  • The play was originally called "the Triumph of Prospero".
  • While rehearsing the original play the magic qilll took Shakespeare's rage and transformed him into the character of Prospero. The newly created Fictional planned to take over the world. Prospero was stopped when Flynn Carsen and Eve Baird drowned his book and broke his staff.
  • The original folio was transformed into Prospero's book until it was drowned by Eve Baird.It returned to normal afterwards.
  • The play was rewritten to reflect how Prospero was defeated.
  • An original folio of Shakespeare's the Tempest was published 10 years after Shakespeare's death And was acquired by the Library and placed in the Reading Room.

Real Life CounterpartEdit

The Tempest is the story of Prospero, the deposed Duke of Milan, who was stranded on an island by his own brother, on whom he tries to get revenge, with the help of the spirit Ariel.