Shakespeare's Quill
Shakespeare's Quill
General Information
Creator John Dee
Owner Shakespeare (formerly)
Users Shakespeare,Prospero, Flynn Carsen
Location The Library

Shakespeare's Quill was the quill used by Willian Shakespeare to create his plays.


Reality Warping: Anything written with the quill can become true;

Inspiration: The quill unlocks the creative potential of its can only enhance the genius that someone already has.

Shapeshifting: The quill was transformed into Prospero's staff until the latter was broken byExcalibur. It returned to normal afterwards.

Reacting to emotions: The quill reacts to the emotions of its owner, leading to unforeseen consequences.

  •  e.g:Shakespeare's anger about being forced to retire turned him into Prospero,the first Fictional.


  • It was crafted using a branch from the Tree of Knowledge.
  • John Dee claimed the quill came from ancient Arabia.


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