Sheriff Heyer is the primary law enforcement officer of Bremen and the father of Jamie Heyer.[1]


Sheriff Heyer was a conscientious and friendly officer, intent on doing his job to the best of his ability with, apparently, 'To Protect and Serve' at the forefront of his mind. Some time in early 2015, however, a series of bizarre occurrences began in Bremen, leading to the arrival of The Librarians. These including voices heard from a barn containing only animals and an old woman shoved into her own pizza oven, as well as the fresher examples of a wrecked bridge and cars and a jogging mayor who happened to be naked. The sheriff is looking for reassurance that these were still relatively minor, compared to the weird stuff that goes on in big cities. As the Libris Fabula and its tales grow in power, Sheriff Heyer's understandable and even justified suspicion where Ezekiel Jones is concerned leads to him becoming entangled in myth himself, transforming into 'The Big Bad Wolf' and hunting the rogue and his cohorts with his wolfpack of former football players.

In the meantime, and as the trigger for the outbreak of hostility, the lucky thief has crossed paths with Jamie, the Sheriff's daughter, in the local hospital and, in the course of hearing her tale, taught her how to pick the lock on the food cabinet in her sterilized room. Manipulated by the reading of Mr. McGuire, who, it turns out, is fully aware he's draining Jamie and others, but feels 'more alive' than he has in years and therefore does not care about the cost. Sheriff Heyer tracks down Eve, Cassie and Jacob, who by now have been almost fully taken over by their archetypes - The Princess, Prince Charming and The Huntsman respectively.

Ezekiel, however, is by choice and nature the lucky thief at all times, and so he is able to wriggle through the bonds of the fable, tweaking cords here and there to change the outcome. Sheriff Heyer, his actions shaped by the words of McGuire, is preparing to deliver the coup de grace to Jacob when Ezekiel manages to wrest the book from the storyteller and toss it to the girl, who proceeds to give the tale her own spin, making the huntsman a robot, the princess a ninja and the prince the sorcerer Merlin. She also condemns the Big Bad Wolf to eat the green jello she herself despises.

With the breaking of the spell, the townsfolk, including the sheriff, are understandably disoriented, and Ezekiel Jones is able to flim-flam his way out, persuading Sheriff Heyer that this is an "and they all live happily ever after" deal. As the Librarians stroll away, Jamie asks her dad who they were, and after he tells her, Sheriff Heyer's final observation is that, when he says it out loud, it doesn't make any sense.


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