Spear of Destiny
Spear of Destiny
General Information
Creator Unknown
Users Charlemagne
Adolf Hitler
Edward Wilde
Flynn Carsen
Location The Library
"Whoever controls the Spear, controls the fate of the world."
—Flynn Carsen[src]

The Spear of Destiny was the weapon used to pierce the side of Jesus on the cross.


The spear was used to pierce the side of Jesus, when he was on the cross. As the spear was too powerful to destroy, it got broken into three pieces and was hidden all over the world. A squad of the Serpent Brotherhood led by Lana and Rhodes later stole one of the pieces from the Library, and eventually found the other two pieces, stealing the second from Nicole Noone and Flynn Carsen, and using the later to find the final piece. Later attempting to re-construct the Spear in the Great Pyramid replica, Flynn rescued the Spear from Edward Wilde and the Serpent Brotherhood[1].

Known usersEdit


The LibrarianEdit



  1. Titcher, David (writer) & Winther, Peter (director) (December 5, 2004). The Librarian: Quest for the Spear.

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