Stations of the Cross Magical Safe
The Stations of the Cross Magical Safe was a safe designed to contain and protect the Opal of Samara.


The Opal of Samara was recovered by the Teutonic knights from Jerusalem during the Third Crusade and stored in a magical safe.It later was stolen by the Nazi occult division and stored in Berlin. The safe’s combination is a two part alphanumeric code based on Latin Bible Verses specifically the eight stations of the cross from the Bible. The safe has a trap that will activate the Opal's abilities three minutes after goes off transforming every corpse in a hundred mile into zombie.The Opal was taken from it's magical safe by Flynn Carsen during his first meeting with Eve Baird who was trying to locate and defuse a nuclear bomb. Flynn initially set off the trap on the safe but was able to defuse it.The final diffusion code for the safe is 2,2,5,6,6.


The LibrariansEdit

Season 1Edit


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