The Thread
The Thread
General Information
Owner Golden Axe Food Company (formerly)
Users Theseus
Ezekiel Jones
Cassandra Cillian
Function Navigator

The Thread is the magical ball of thread that Theseus used to navigate his way through The Labyrinth.


Originally used by Theseus to navigate himself through the Labyrinth, it was later taken by Golden Axe Food Company to re-create The Labyrinth. It was later used by Ezekiel Jones and Cassandra Cillian to escape the Labyrinth.[1]


  • Navigation: The Thread navigated Theseus through the Labyrinth.


The LibrariansEdit

Season 1Edit


  • The Golden Ax Food Company used a collection of rare Minoan artifacts to focus the power of the Thread creating the labyrinth.
  • It can be used to repair the Loom of Fate, if the latter is damaged by an external threat.


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