Thor's Hammer, or Mjolniris a magical weapon mentioned in Norse Mythology. It is currently held in the Library.

It was mentioned in ... And the Drowned BookAs the Librarians considered ways to dispel Prospero's storm over New York, Ezekiel asked whether it could be blown away from the city; Jenkins said that in theory, Thor's Hammer would be able to achieve that, but half of New York would be wiped out to sea as well.


Its powers are not detailed in the show; it is however mentioned that it could move large masses of air, likely through creating powerful winds. Given its mythological reputation, its powers would roughly be:

  • Summon Lightning
  • Create Storms

Real Life CounterpartEdit

Mjölnir is said to be the weapon of Thor, the Norse God of Rain and Lightning. The hammer would be a formidable weapon, capable of lifting mountains with ease.

In comic books, it can only be used by the worthy, much like Excalibur. If evil beings try to grab it, the hammer would, until returned to his owner, become heavy to the point that only the strongest of beings could lift it.