Tree of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge

TheTree of Knowledge, also known as The Heart of the Library, is an extremely powerful tree that came from the Garden of Eden.


Magical wood: Its branches can be cut and used to craft powerful magical artifacts, such as Shakespeare's Quil or Prospero's Staff;

Limitless energy: The Tree has been used as the power source for the Library ever since its creation.


Fire Magic: Despite its immortality, the tree can be damaged or destroyed by powerful fire magic


The LibrarianEdit

The LibrariansEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • It is the same tree whose fruit was eaten by Adam and Eve, according to the Bible.
  • If the Tree is hurt or dies, the Library will suffer the same fate.
  • Despite its age and importance, the Tree is very small and young-like, as knowledge itself is always evolving, and never complete.

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